Fancy some company on your ride? Or perhaps you want to ride alongside others to boost your stamina? Below are a list of cycle clubs in the Scarborough area:

Scarborough Breeze Ladies

Free, informal bicycle riding club for women only. Best contacted through the Facebook group.

Richardson’s Cycle Club

Richardson’s Cycle Club is a Cycling and Mountain Bike Club located in Scarborough. It is Scarborough’s largest bike club boasting 169 members across a wide age range. Run by Richardson’s cycles shop.

Email or call 01723 352682.

Scarborough Paragon Cycling Club

The Paragon Cycling Club is one of Scarborough’s oldest and has around 60 members. They cater for all ages and have particular focus on engaging with young novice riders. Best contacted through General Secretary Elaine Ward.

Email or call 01723 584 558.

Yorkshire Coast Cycling Club

Yorkshire Coast Cycling Club is a group of riders of all ability meeting once or twice a week.

Email or call 01723 585950.

Yorkshire Coast Clarion Cycling Club

Yorkshire Coast Clarion Cycling Club is based in the areas of Scarborough and Bridlington and is a section of the National Clarion Cycling Club.

Email or call 07795 629724.