Daily phyiscal activity is great for your health as well as your well-being. 

Top Tips:

  1. Use your smart phone, or a fitness tracker/smart watch to record all your steps and activity. Motivate yourself to get more active through competing with others, or aiming to beat your own records!
  2. Try walking or cycling to work for one day a week and build up from there; did you know that incorporating exercise into your daily routine can be one of the easiest ways to get more active?
  3. If you drive to work why not try parking further away? This will allow you to boost your steps and daily activity!
  4. When you arrive at work, try taking the stairs instead of the lift – this will boost your daily steps and increase your heart rate contributing towards your recommended 30 mins of exercise a day.
  5. Walk or cycle for fun! As well as commuting, remember that walking or cycling can be a fun exercise to enjoy with your friends and family, and Scarborough benefits from some breath-taking scenic routes to explore. Why not take a look at the walking routes page and download one of the Scarborough Trail maps?

For more information and ideas on how you can incorporate gentle exercise in to your daily routine:

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