Open Scarborough is a North Yorkshire County Council programme funded by the Department for Transport to promote sustainable transport. The County Council was awarded just under £1 million to help people make informed travel choices for the journeys they make. The Bid Document can be found here.

Traffic congestion is an ongoing issue in Scarborough, which leads to long, unreliable journey times and affects our environment and air quality This results in lost and unproductive time sitting in traffic queues as well as unpredictable arrival times for deliveries and workers. Congestion has been identified as a barrier to future growth and development, which Open Scarborough is aiming to tackle, as well as getting people more active to reduce the risk of illness and live healthier lives.

Walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport are all great alternatives to the car and can bring you great benefits; save time, save money and improve your health.


What are we doing?

As part of Open Scarborough, we worked with schools, businesses and residents in new developments to increase awareness of the different, more sustainable modes of transport available to them. This includes walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.

Whilst targeted engagement took place 2018/19 we continue to support schools and businesses with travel planning advice through Modeshift STARS and encourage schools and businesses to create a Travel Plan to encourage active travel for the return to work and education.

We have also developed exciting primary and secondary school competitions to engage young people to inspire others to opt for walking and cycling for their journeys. For more information on how to enter and prizes available, click here.